SunnyKing is a spirit inspired Singer and Songwriter. To make up for a perfection in music field, he learnt beat creation and he is a convenient pro at that. Having a Master Degree in Project Management, he wouldn’t allow his professional background a backlash on his passion and commission to work for God, as he prioritizes that to be a reason for existence.

It is safe to say his interest in serving God with his talents and hard work is naturally preplanned. His mother had pledged him to God before he was given birth to as a male child. As a Gospel singer, he is dedicated to exploring the spiritual tidings, hiding as mystical treasures in GOD’s WORD.

He grabs every opportunity to delve into the hidden truth with both hand always and wouldn’t resist a chance to expose God’s character, practice faith and grow in it to share his GODLY experiences. One of the platforms he has chosen to fulfil his divine commissions and injunction is MUSIC.

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