We are a group of people in one body who identifies music as a universal language and thus create a platform with which our pitches would be used to work wonders of inspiration, motivation and at most spiritual reverberation. We believe that every notes should be used in doing nothing else but preach the message of hope to the lost nations and reminding every creature about the LOVE OF GOD towards them as well as exposing them to the divine promises IN HIS WORDS.

We make every songs into three or four minutes of grocery studded messages of divinity, revelations and prosperity. Our songs are inspired by the WORD of GOD, and they are about the power inherent in GOD and HIS WORD. We compose spirit-lifting songs which are capable of resurrecting a dead Christian from his coma of faith to sharpened spirituality that ooze faith in abundance. Our songs can also be recited as armors and shields of faith against spiritual attacks, destructive mind games, discouragements and the spirit lows by keeping alive in our heart the possibilities of GOD’s presence and promises.

Every child of God is reminded of their KINGSHIP in divinity and the WHOLESOMENESSof their capabilities as princes in the kingdom of GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY. Also, each and every one is shown their standards of ‘MASTERHOOD’ as opposed the striking fears of slavery the dark world could be threatening. You also get assured of the Power to reign in life as HEIRS of the FATHER.